We use what we like to call the PDBL method with every new project.

Plan - The first step is the process of getting all the content like: images, fonts and colors. We then start the planning phase of what will be the best for the client and there needs.

Most websites can be delieverd in 4-8 weeks, depending on a few factors.

Design - This phase we will take all the content and assets and build a mock up. This will allow the client to see what the website will look like, this would also be the part where any changes will be made to the customers liking.

Build - This phase begins once the client has passed off on the design mock up and the coding of the website begins on our dev server. we will share our progress to the client with a working URL so they can see a real time functioning website.

Launch - The last phase is where we test the website for any errors and it's functionality insuring everything is working properly. Once everything has been cleared by our QC team the website is uploaded to the server and is now live.